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Goodie Specalization Teachers
Class Spec Name Location
Avenger Lightbringer Dravor
Avenger Inquisitor Eom
Bard Minstrel Kortril Levylinnae
Bard Scoundrel Rasteril
Bard Disharmonist Synthandria
Berserker Mauler Ice Crag continent (unknown).
Berserker Ragelord Krunx Ice Crag continent (unknown).
Cleric Holyman Father Benali
Cleric Healer Ryllinae
Cleric Zealot Burbrumly
Conjurer Earth Magus Suri
Conjurer Water Magus D'renzd
Conjurer Fire Magus Kiovock
Conjurer Air Magus Cruthuallyr
Druid Forest Druid Perin
Druid Storm Druid Tameron
Ethermancer Windtalker Erull Khonami Khan continent.
Ethermancer Frost Magus Xaula
Ethermancer Cosmomancer Jamael
Illusionist Dark Weaver Maelia
Mercenary Bounty Hunter Jaer
Mercenary Brigand Branok
Paladin Cavalier Alana
Paladin Cavalier Bregtar
Ranger Huntsman Valyn
Ranger Blademaster Llyriv
Ranger Marshal Zermeiel
Reaver Flame Reaver Marianne North of Torhann
Rogue Thief Favi
Rogue Assassin Nival
Rogue Shadow Archer Hiliddipply
Shaman Elementalist Mugtogg
Shaman Spiritualist Keira
Shaman Animalist Chimel
Sorcerer Shadowmage Valiwilwoor
Sorcerer Wildmage Wanyol
Sorcerer Wizard Ghiran
Summoner Naturalist Oneliwen (Found in desert near Welloven)
Summoner Controller Astali
Summoner Mentalist Frayrien (Found mine near Vella's)
Warrior Guardian Surak
Warrior Swordsman Xzch

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