This is an Experience Tracker script donated awhile ago on the Duris Forums by Sniktiorg.

Experience Tracker Scripts keep track of any experience lost or gained since the last time you typed 'Exp'. Sometimes this gives a strange message for your experience, but if you quickly retype 'Exp' you will notice everything is right as rain. These scripts only kick in once your character has reached a level which allows you to see your character's experience in numbers.


^Experience till level: %1$


#var oldexp @exp;#var exp %1;

#math expgained (@oldexp - @exp);

#math exppercent (@expgained*100/(@exp + @expgained));

#math killamount (@exp / @expgained);



#SA %ansi(high, black)Experience%ansi(high, red): %ansi(norm)%ansi(red)%1 

#SA %ansi(high, black)Gained %ansi(high, red)@expgained%ansi(high, black), %ansi(high, red)@exppercent% %ansi(high, black)closer to level%ansi(high, red)!%ansi(norm)

#SA %ansi(high, black)Kill %ansi(high, red)@killamount %ansi(high, black)more to level%ansi(high, red)!%ansi(norm)

cMUD Command:

oldexp = @exp; exp = %1;

#math expgained (@oldexp - @exp);
#math exppercent (@expgained*100/(@exp + @expgained));
#math killamount (@exp / @expgained);
#SA %ansi(bold, black)Experience%ansi(bold, red): %ansi(norm)%ansi(red)%1;
#SA %ansi(bold, black)Gained %ansi(bold, red)@expgained%ansi(bold, black), %ansi(bold, red)@exppercent% %ansi(bold, black)closer to level%ansi(bold, red)!%ansi(norm);#SA %ansi(bold, black)Kill %ansi(bold, red)@killamount %ansi(bold, black)more to level%ansi(bold, red)!%ansi(norm)

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